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About Me

My Background


I have been an artist my whole life. As I got older, art became very important to me and I decided to pursue it as a career choice. Art is my passion and my therapy.

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."- Thomas Merton

My Medium


I use many different mediums but for painting, I prefer acrylic. Some of my pieces include other materials such as gold, egg shells, wood, fabric, metal, glass, and many other found objects. 

My Inspirations


  • Anselm Kiefer
  • Zaha Hadid
  • Martial Raysse
  • Mark Rothko 
  • Franz Kline
  • Van Gogh
  • Psychoanalysis/Neuroscience
  • Nature
  • Family/Friends
  • Mikhail Bulgakov

Site Content


Price of works include supplies and time. $20/hr on the piece is my typical charge. Negotiable prices if multiple pieces are wanted. If needed, I also ask for shipping and handling. I like to keep in touch and work closely with my clients. If I am working on a commission I prefer to contact clients directly about their piece and make sure that needs are being met!


I will have a yelp site up soon. 


What kind of art do you do? I work with any mediums but I prefer acrylic. I can do detailed work or object specific commissions but my specialty is modern abstract work. 

Where are you located? I am currently located  in Austin, Texas. 

Can I buy any pieces already on your site? Yes, if they are still available. Prices can vary. 

How expensive are supplies? Most of my supplies are from art stores within the area. I like to shop at Michael's so if you are interested in specific prices, look at their website to get a reference. 

Is your work a fair price? I like to think so! The customer is my top priority so if you do not like the piece in the end, the only thing I ask for is compensation for the supplies used. 

How can I get a piece? Contact me and we will go from there!